Japanese Cuisine(Sea food -based dish)


Enjoying dinner in true traditional Japanese style will be the most memorable part of staying at a Ryokan. We offer traditional Japanese cuisine to delight your senses. Each dinner we provide is part of a very formal selection of Japanese dishes that varies seasonally. Each dish is made with fresh and seasonal food.


A traditional Japanese Ryokan-style breakfast is served.

夕食の一例〈霜月の献立〉sample dishes of dinner

The dinner selections for this current month.
The menu changes each month


Sample dishes of Breakfast


Sample dinner for vegetarians

Please enjoy seasonal Japanese cuisine in your room

If you are staying in groups, meals will be served in a private room.

  • - Dinner service starts at 6:00 P.M.If you arrive after 6:30 P.M.for any reasons, we are afraid that we cannot serve your dinner.
  • - If you have any dietary restrictions,please let us know two weeks beforhand.
  • - We couldn’t offer any dietary restrictions meal without requiring in advance.
  • *There is no way to omit the bonito flake broth and we do not offer vegan.
  • *We do not offer gluten-free.
  • *We do not offer vegetarian,vegan and gluten-free meals for children.