How to get Hakone and Kansuiro Ryokan

Hakone is a hot spring resort that is quickly accessible from downtown Tokyo. To get to Hakone, you can take the JR Line Shinkansen (Bullet Trains) from the JR TOKYO Station and JR SHINAGAWA Station or Odakyu Line from SHINJUKU Station. Near stations to the Kansuiro Ryokan are HAKONE-YUMOTO Station and TOUNOSAWA Station.

Kansuiro Ryokan

88 Tonosawa Hakone-machi Ashigara-Shimogun
Kanagawa 250-0315 Japan
TEL (Int+81) 0460-85-5511 FAX (Int+81) 0460-85-5856
Check In 3:00PM(15:00)-5:00PM(17:00)
Check Out 10:00 AM

箱根 塔ノ沢温泉 元湯 環翠楼

How to get to Hakone-yumoto and the Kansuiro Ryokan

There are several ways to come to Hakone from Tokyo. To come to our Ryokan, Hakone-yumoto is the most convenient station.

From Narita Airport to Hakone-yumoto Station

Narita Airport - (JR Narita Exp. 90 min.) - Shinjyuku St. - (Odakyu Line  Ltd. Exp. Romance Car 90 min. ) - Hakoneyumoto St.

From Haneda Airport to Hakone-yumoto Station

Haneda Airport - (Keikyu Line 20 min.) - Shinagawa St. - (The Shinkansen 30 min.) -Odawara St.- (Hakone Tozan Railway 15 min.) - Hakoneyumoto St.

From Odawara/Hakone-yumoto Station to Kansuiro Ryokan

● From Odawara Station, you can take the taxi, or take a bus(get off the bus stop Kami-Tonosawa).
● From HakoneYumoto Station, you can walk(15min), or take a regular shuttlebus "Tonosawa-C Course". 100 Yen per person. (4:45pm only) Also can take the taxi, or take a Tozan bus(get off the bus stop Kami-Tonosawa).