Room Rates

With dinner and breakfast list of charges

*This list of charges becomes one bill. (Consumption is tax-included, Bath tax distinction : 150 Yen per person)

Seishintei NA 62,640 51,840 37,800 36,720 35,640 34,560 NA NA
Momiji NA 35,640 34,560 33,480 32,400 NA NA NA NA
Moegi NA 32,400 31,560 30,240 29,160 NA NA NA NA
Seiryu NA 30,240 29,160 28,080 NA NA NA NA NA
Suiren NA 30,240 29,160 28,080 27,000 25,920 NA NA NA
Type A 35,640 28,080 27,000 NA NA NA NA NA NA
Type B 32,400 24,840 23,760 NA NA NA NA NA NA
Type C 28,080 19,440 18,360 NA NA NA NA NA NA
Type D NA NA NA 19,440 19,440 18,360 18,360 17,280 17,280
Type E 32,400 24,840 23,760 22,680 21,600 20,520 19,440 NA NA

For day before a holiday: Increase of 2,160 yen per one externals.(Including tax)
For holiday: Increase of 1,080 yen per one externals.(Including tax)
Without dinner: Off 5,400 yen per one externals.(Including tax)
Without breakfast: Off 1,080 yen per one externals.(Including tax)
Without meals: Off 6,480 yen per one externals.(Including tax)
Extra time fee :room with bath (7,560 yen/1h)  *Can't use public bath.
        room without bath : Type D and E (6,480 yen/1h)     Type C (5,400 yen/1h)

Check here for availability of rooms and schedules.

By using an online booking system, you can immediately make a reservation and a room will automatically kept for you. First, select a room plan and then move to the next page to check room availability and then make a reservation.
About Online Reservation

Click the button above to select a room plan you would like to reserve. Check and make sure that the room is available on the day(s) you plan to stay. And then, move on to the reservation application.

To make a reservation, you need to register your information such as your contact address etc. Registration is free of charge, of course.

You can reserve only one room at one time. If you'd like to reserve 2 rooms, for example, you need to make reservations twice. Please mention about the multiple booking in the reservation form.

In case you'd like to make a payment by credit card, please write down the following information in the field of Notes in the reservation form.

Only VISA card is acceptable.
Please note your reservation will not be accepted without the following information.
Card holder's name
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date (mm/yy)

We accept only Japanese Yen. Except for room charge, payments for taxes or things you buy in our Ryokan can be made only in cash - Japanese Yen Bills.

Change / Cancellation of your reservation
In case you need to change or cancel your reservation, you can make them online too.

Rate plans vary around peak season such as the end or beginning of year. Please inquire by e-mail if you like to have more detailed information.

About Cancellation Fees

There might be a situation where we charge a fee for your cancellation. If you make a cancellation later than 7 days before the day you stay, a cancellation fee is charged. For more information on cancellation, please inquire by e-mail.

About Check In / Check Out

Check In: 3:00 PM (15:00)
Check Out: 10:00 AM
Dinner service starts at 6:00 PM (18:00), so for those of who are going to have dinner at our Ryokan, we strongly encourage you to check in before 5:00 PM (17:00), and if you arrive later than 7:00 PM (19:00) for any reasons, we are afraid to inform you that we will be unable to serve you dinner, and a cancellation charge of 100% of the dinner applies.

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